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    Career Conversations is an online resource to assist you to talk to your child about what sort of career they’d like in the future. Talking to your child about their own interests and abilities can help them to realise their potential.Career Conversations is designed to:
    • support you to help your child prepare for the challenges ahead in the rapidly changing world of work;
    • enhance your ability to help your child develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to manage their own career throughout their lives;
    • assist you to understand the career journey your child is on that starts in childhood and continues throughout our lives;
    • equip you to help your child to develop and build their preferred career future, feel more confident and build a support network to assist them on their journey;
    • help you have career conversations that go beyond the typical ‘What do you want to do when you finish school?’ approach; and
    • help your child to make more informed decisions about career pathways and options.

  2. Career Conversations

    Career Conversations