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FRESH – Theatre for Social Change, is a not for profit theatre company primarily focused on achieving social change through the use of applied theatre techniques. Fresh uses a range of applied theatre practices to bring about societal development and personal growth in the community, corporate and education sectors.

There is a unique aesthetic inherent in every FRESH program that effective, resilient and healthy young people are an integral asset to every community. The staff at FRESH believe in connecting, supporting and building positive relationships with young people. It is because of this belief that the FRESH programs have the ability to transform the lives of young people by providing them with the resources to live amazing, positive and effective lives.

Fresh Primary Schools -  offers 4 interactive workshop series over 10 weeks that culminates in a short, educational performance piece. The programs explore a range of issues facing primary school aged young people. In a quirky and funny narrative a handful of characters investigate the important issues of emotional intelligence, coping with change, choices we make and the way we behave and the relationships we have.

Fresh Secondary Schools – offer workshops used by many schools for their wellbeing days. Workshops cover topics such as choice in how we behave when we have strong feelings, issues specific to men and women such as body image, values and fear, stress management, team building.

Fresh Theatre - FRESH engages the young people involved in two seasons a year. Each season comprises of an original play, created for implementation by the creative team at FRESH and workshopped by the young people involved. Each play addresses a particular theme identified as an issue facing young people in society today. The young people are given the opportunity to engage in the vital questions and messages interactively through the characters they perform and the scenarios the performance engages them in.

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      Fresh Theatre

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      Fresh theatre for social change

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      104 Beverley Street, Doncaster East

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      0432 400 844

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      Knox, Maroondah, Yarra Ranges, Valley, Hills, Urban

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      6 - 25

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      Schools program - Primary schools, secondary schools

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      Schools programs – 1 to 10 weeks Theatre program – unlimited     

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      Self Referral, Parent/Guardian, Other service, School

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      Yes - website