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The ‘Way of the Warrior’ is a physically active therapeutic group program that combines the principles and philosophy of traditional martial arts with a structured opportunity to develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of belonging for boys aged between 5 and 12 years old. The program doesn’t teach children how to fight but takes all of what it is to be a warrior on the inside and applies this in a therapeutic framework.

The Way of the Warrior program aims to help participants;

  • Learn new skills to manage life challenges.
  • Develop new skills for mind and body.
  • The Program is designed to be a stimulating, challenging and fun experience.
  • How to be a warrior on the inside - Use of traditional martial arts techniques from a number of martial disciplines that link each life skill taught with an enjoyable and age appropriate exercise or game and sessions may involve behavioural rehearsal.
  • Games are designed to help young people learn to regulate themselves and can be useful for children with sensory integration and/ or emotional regulation challenges.

The program is delivered as a multi-session program with one session per week over 7-10 weeks. Sessions consist of up to 10 participants in order to tailor group to individual needs and Peer Educators may be included as mentors for younger children. Program does not teach participants how to fight with no instruction in street fighting or weapons techniques.

Program content is tailored to the specific needs of each group. Program topics include – feeling good about self, making good choices, respect and responsibility, managing strong emotions, managing anger and conflict, social skills training, growing positive futures etc.

Program participants expected to obtain a range of skills applicable to situations in the school and home/ family environment. When participants are able to demonstrate progress within the group they are encouraged to act as peer mentors for their slightly younger peers struggling with similar issues to themselves.

Where and when

The WOW Program is delivered as a multi-session program. The 8 weekly sessions and are commonly on Fridays afternoons. Programs are delivered within Victorian Government school terms and costs $160 + GST per participant payable in advance.

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      Croydon Community School

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      WOW - Way of the Warrior

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