Wildside Student Leadership Program

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“WILDSIDE” is a personal challenge innovative program grown from a partnership between Eastern Access Community Health (EACH), Victoria Police, Outer East Youth Connections (OEYC) and EMR Options (DEECD). The program aims to:

To allow at-risk young people to make positive life choices and set realistic goals. • To practise and develop social, physical and leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment. • To provide an opportunity for at-risk students to remain engaged in education. • To provide opportunities for at-risk young people to connect with, and display leadership in, their local community.
The program will cater for around 10 students and will comprise of a 10 day bushwalking journey as well as lead in and follow up days. All inclusive, the Wildside program will involve around 22 full days out from the home school, either at Leaps & Bounds Challenge Ropes Course in Bayswater, on activities or undergoing the wilderness journey.

Our selection criteria will take into account the following:

  • Students enrolled in, and referral supported by, EMR Government Secondary School at-risk of homelessness and disengaged from community and education
  • Willingness to participate fully in all aspects of the program, including working with teachers, police and wilderness therapists
  • Ability to contribute in a positive way to the program and group dynamics
  • Being able to identify personal aims/goals from the program

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      ACCESS Ministries

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      Wildside Student Leadership Program

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      9724 2960

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